Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update | What You Need to Know

Google announced in February that on April 21st they are pushing a huge update to their search algorithm that will favor businesses who have a responsive/mobile friendly site design. This means that if your site is not currently responsive or mobile friendly you could see significant changes to your ranking in the upcoming weeks. A responsive design is when your website adapts to different screen sizes so that users don’t have to zoom in to view your content (learn more about responsive web design). With the rising number of smart phones and tablets, responsive design for your website is necessary.

The first step is to find out if your website is responsive. Google created a simple Mobile Friendly Test where all you have to do is enter your business’s URL.

Screenshot (2)

Google will then check your site and report whether or not it’s mobile-friendly. If your site comes back mobile friendly, congrats you don’t have to worry! The tool will also return a screenshot of how your site currently appears on mobile devices.

Screenshot (3)

If your site fails Google’s mobile-friendliness test, the program will list the specific issues as to why it did not pass the test:

Screenshot (4)

images via Entrepreneur


If your site did not pass the mobile-friendly test reach out to your website company to see what they can do for you, otherwise Google offers a variety of resources for you to get started. If you feel like you need more help getting a mobile friendly website off the ground you can reach out to our team to see how we can help!