The Importance of Reviews & Ratings

Congratulations on taking the first step to educate yourself about the importance of customer reviews! Some business owners may face this topic with a sense of dread, knowing that customers’ voices now play a far greater role than ever before in their businesses’ success.

The importance of this is growing rapidly. Online reviews help perspective consumers to decide whether your business is trustworthy and right for them.

Because of anonymity, more and more customers are being able to express themselves with not only the business itself but the entire world. Additionally online reviews help with local optimization but can also be hurtful if too many negative ones are posted. If you’re in an industry that doesn’t get a lot of reviews, even one or two bad ones can have a dramatic impact on your business. A positive online image has been proven to drive additional traffic, regardless of how well you’re ranking. If you find people saying concerning things about you online you may want to consider negative removal.



of online consumers consult reviews & ratings before purchasing goods or services.



of people say a positive review makes them trust a business more

It is important to be proactive in collecting positive reviews from happy customers.
Utilizing our solutions to send surveys is a great way to get positive reviews on sites like Google & Yelp.




of Yelp users say positive reviews impact their company buying choices.



of unhappy customers will return to your business if an issue is resolved quickly.

Online reviews are extremely persuasive in this day and age on how a consumer views and responds to your company considering that these reviews are often some the first things they ever see.