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Wielding the Power of YELP: 4 Ways to Make Your Presence Known

Yelp has evolved into a monster that business owners simply can’t ignore. Listed below are 4 key areas that will help businesses stand out in one of the largest and most influential online communities in the world.

RATINGS & REVIEWS: You can’t underestimate the power of the Star Rating. The digital age is extremely visual, and the attention span of your audience is getting shorter and shorter by the minute. Most Yelpers already judge your business on the star rating alone. They are most likely to visit businesses with 4 to 5 stars, and will scroll right past the one- to three-star businesses. It’s a given that the key to getting positive reviews is to provide quality customer service. What business owners might be unaware of is that there are ways to remove the negative reviews that are unjustly lowering your overall score.

CUSTOMER INTERACTION: Yelp is not only a site for consumer reviews. Yelp is also extremely social. Yelpers can monitor where their friends “check in” and can mark their friend’s reviews as “useful,” “funny,” or “cool.” Responding publicly to the reviews on your Yelp listing, both positive and negative, is a way to stay engaged in the conversation. However, business owners must take caution. Consumers like to see that you care about your business, but will also take note of how you respond. There is a method to responding to your reviews in an effective way.

OPTIMIZATION: Fully optimizing your Yelp business listing means no stone goes unturned. It is extremely important to fill out your business information as thoroughly and as accurately as possible. This not only ensures your customers are fully informed about your business, but also makes your business listing more visible to search engines like Google.

PHOTOS: Again, we live in an extremely visual world. Posting photos of your establishment and even members of your staff will set the tone for the kind of customer experience they can anticipate, and can heavily influence their decision to visit your business. Making sure these photos are optimized with captions will also improve your online visibility.

Managing your presence on Yelp by regularly monitoring these four key areas is a full-time job within itself, and this is only the beginning. Teamwork makes the dream work, and our services and solutions can help you improve and maintain a solid standing in the rapidly growing Yelp community. Contact us for more information on how an online reputation management company can be beneficial and profitable to your business.

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